12 Days of Creating Christmas Cards – Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of 12 Days of Creating Christmas Cards. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far. If you are really into papercraft, then handmade cards are a great option for holiday crafts. One of my favourite things about Christmas are all the colours, especially red, gold and green. If you like red and gold especially, then today is the day for you to create a card!

Christmas Card Design 03

Today’s card has that traditional festive feel to it with the A4 gold cardstock as the base of the card, the mixed small poinsettia’s used as the main decoration for the card, the red 25mm organza with satin edge ribbon and gold glitter cardstock strips used to add some sparkle.

12 Days of Creating Christmas Cards Design 3. Made with products purchased through the Lovely Wedding Stuff shop.
12 Days of Creating Christmas Cards Design 3

Assembling Your Card

Assembling this card using just 4 elements means that it is pretty easy and requires minimal effort. You could try to play around with the layout of the card but I feel the configuration in the image is the most optimal and visually appealing. But it’s your card, so you try whichever works best for you.

  • First fold a piece of A4 300gsm Gold Pearlised Card in half and have the card opening towards the bottom.
  • Cut a piece of the red satin edge organza ribbon long enough to cover the front and wrap around into the inside of the card. There are a couple of options on how you want to the ribbon to look on the inside of the card.  You can just have each side wrap around just enough to attach with glue-tape roller or double sided tape. You could also cut the ribbon long enough to tie it tight into a not. For the front of the card, under where you will place the poinsettia’s you the adhesive of your choice to attach the ribbon to the card.
  • Cut a piece of your A4 Gold Glitter card at a width slightly wider than the satin edge ribbon. Then cut that piece in half.
  • Using adhesive, attach the Gold Glitter Card strips to the base card as seen in the photo.
  • Then use adhesive to attach the poinsettia’s to the ribbon. 1 in the centre and then 2 on either side spaced appropriately apart.


Product Links

Handcrafted Christmas Paper Poinsettia’s Pack of 9
Red Satin Edge 25mm Organza Ribbon
A4 300gsm Gold Pearlised Cardstock
A4 250gsm Gold Glitter Cardstock

That’s all for Design 03. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the card!


Lovely Wedding Stuff

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