12 Days of Creating Christmas Cards – Day 2

In yesterday’s post I introduced you to our new series for the holidays on Creating Handmade Christmas Cards. If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think. Today’s card is especially good for any Winter themed wedding (can you say…Frozen?!?!) as it’s all about the snow!

Christmas Card Design 02

With today’s card we get to play with such beauties like Glitter Snowflakes, 2 different sizes of sparkly diamantés and some silver glitter cardstock. Add in some A4 white pearlised cardstock and the Let It Snow grosgrain ribbon and we have the ingredients for a pretty spectacular card.

Handmade Let It Snow Christmas and Winter Themed Card made from products in the Lovely Wedding Stuff Shop.
Handmade Let It Snow Christmas and Winter Themed Card

Assembling Your Card

Like yesterday’s card, the elements of this card allow them to be placed in different positions on the card. For instance you could place the rectangular Let It snow plaque in the middle or the top and reposition the snowflakes and diamantés around it how you want. Creating the card in the picture is very straight forward with most of the work in preparing the cardstocks for the plaque.

  • First you’ll want to fold the A4 card in half and use it with the fold at the left and the opening on the right.
  • Cut a piece of the ribbon to show Let It Snow with a snowflake on each side of the text. You can cut the end straight or make a design as you desire.
  • Using the ribbon as a guide, cut a rectangular piece from another piece of white cardstock. Make sure you cut it wide and tall enough for the ribbon to be centered on it as seen in the image.
  • Using your newly cut white rectangle as a guide, cut a rectangle piece out of the A4 silver glitter cardstock. As before, make sure it’s wide and tall enough to mount the white piece on top as seen in the image.
  • To create the plaque use 3D foam tape(this adds dimension to the plaque) to attach the white card piece to the Glitter card piece. Then using either double sided tape, a glue-tape roller or glue dots attach the ribbon to the white card.
  • Using either double sided tape or a glue-tape roller attach the plaque to the folded cardstock
  • Using either glue dots or a glue-tape roller attach the Glitter Snowflakes to the card front. If you want to mimic the image exactly then cut one of the snowflakes in half and place them at the edges.
  • Place the 2mm and the 3mm diamantés on the card where you want them or follow the card as an example.


Now if you’re looking to really change things up, the diamantés are available in multiple colours and the Let It Snow ribbon is also available in green. You can easily make multiple styles of the same card.  The different colours are available on the same listings so need to hunt around the shop to find them.  Just follow the links!


Let It Snow Grosgrain Ribbon
Christmas Handmade Glitter Snowflakes
Diamanté self-adhesive decoration
A4 250gsm Silver Glitter Cardstock
A4 300gsm White Pearlised Cardstock


Well, that’s a wrap on Day 2. I hope you enjoyed today’s card. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Lovely Wedding Stuff

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