12 Days of Creating Christmas Cards – Day 1

Welcome to a new feature blog series for the holidays…our 12 Days of Creating Christmas Cards. For 12 days we’ll have a blog post showcasing 12 different designs of Christmas themed cards that can be created using items purchased in our store. You can use these cards as standard Christmas cards of you can use them for Christmas themed parties or weddings.

Christmas Card Design 01

Today’s card is a design incorporating a lovely, high quality A4 Ivory Hammer Embossed cardstock, 16mm red Grosgrain ribbon, 16mm red Merry Christmas ribbon, a gold Lurex 5cm self-adhesive ribbon bow and some beautiful Handcrafted self-adhesive Glitter Presents.

12 days of creating Christmas Cards Design 01. Create custom Christmas and Wedding cards using Cardstock, ribbons and decorations from the Lovely Wedding Stuff shop.
12 days of creating Christmas Cards Design 01

Assembling Your Card

The best thing about this design is the fact that you can assemble the items on the card anywhere you want and you’ll still end up with a quality card but to do the design you see here it’s rather easy and only takes a few steps.

  • First take your A4 Ivory card and fold it in half from top to bottom.
  • Second you’ll want to cut pieces of your ribbons long enough to cover the front of the card as seen. It’s always best to cut a little extra slack to help with positioning of the ribbon. You can always cut it down as needed.
  • Using either double sided tape, glue-tape roller or glue dots, (which ever works best for you) you’ll want to attach the red grosgrain ribbon on the front of the card going from top to bottom. Then the Merry Christmas Ribbon from left to right going over the red grosgrain.
  • Then attach the self-adhesive Lurex bow to the red grosgrain ribbon near the top.
  • Next attach the self-adhesive presents in the open area of the card in which ever design you like best.



Glitter Presents
Red Grosgrain Ribbon
Merry Christmas Ribbon
A4 Ivory Hammer Embossed Cardstock
Gold Lurex 5cm Ribbon Bow


Well, that’s all for this design. I hope you enjoyed today’s card.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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