Wedding Trend Articles and Why They Don’t Really Matter That Much

These days if you are a bride or in the wedding industry it seems like you can’t walk 5 feet without running into another article, blog post, advertisement…etc… on wedding trends (you’re reading one now aren’t you?). A lot of people make big money off the use of Wedding Trends by telling you what’s hot and in style and the best way for you to sculpt your Big day. These articles can be and indeed are quite helpful. But….(there’s always a but…right?) lately I’ve seen a lot of wedding trend reports about what’s not hot and what trends should be abandoned and basically shaming (not a fan of this term to be honest but it fits) Brides into avoiding certain trends because they just aren’t cool and you won’t be either if you follow them.

Decorated Wedding Table
Decorated Wedding Table

Here’s the thing. Trends come and go, what’s hot one minute is supposedly the worst ever the next minute.  That will never change. People (wedding planners, so-called experts and magazines) will always try to influence you, because that’s their job, but you should never and I mean NEVER feel that you can’t spend your Big day…..YOUR WAY!!!!! It’s your wedding.  It’s your day to make whatever memories you want…the way you want.  There are so many ways to make your day as wonderful and awesome as can be and most of those ways probably never show up in any trend report…good or bad.

So, if naked cakes, chalkboard signs, flower crowns or one of a thousand other trends or ideas is your thing…you go right ahead and do it and don’t let anyone tell you different. And remember that you can certainly get great ideas and learn some interesting options from many of these Trend reports. The biggest take away though is to know it’s actually okay to not “be cool”!  It’s not okay to spend your wedding any other way than your way.

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