Great Expectations…

If you’re a Bride or Groom to be or maybe you just love all things Wedding then this blog is for you. I hope to provide a blog site where you can expect some fun and exciting things to read and share with your friends and hopefully purchase items for your Wedding or gifts for a wedding you’re attending.

Now, you may ask….”What types of fun and exciting things?” Well, that’s a great question and to give you an idea of the content you can look forward to (your Great Expectations!!), I’ve put together this list just for you.

  • Hair, Makeup and skincare: Different hairstyles, plus makeup options along with some great tips and tricks to make you look fabulous on your Big Day
  • Wedding Dress: Brides and Bridesmaids. Designers and trends for the season. Fashion accessories and more. (I hope you’re ready for all the pictures that will go along with this topic).
  • Receptions: Different trends, themes and styles from “Rustic” to “Traditional” to “As Crazy and out there as you want to be”. Decoration Ideas and Inspiration. And let’s not forget the Wedding cake!!!
  • Venues: There are so many amazing and unique options when it comes to where you can celebrate your Big Day. From Castles to Football Clubs!! You’ll get great information, some reviews and wonderful pictures.
  • Flowers and Bouquets: What’s a wedding without flowers or at least a gorgeous bouquet. I’ll show you some of my favourite styles
  • Featured Blogs – Amazing Honeymoon Destinations: I’m looking to put these out on a Monday. This way instead of the Monday Blues everyone can ooh and ahh over some fabulous Honeymoon spots.  The Monday Honeymoons!
  • Featured Photo Blog – Wedding Inspiration: There are so many amazing wedding photos out there that it would just be wrong not to share as many as possible.
  • Lovely Wedding Stuff products: Great quality accessories and gifts for any wedding. There will be some how-to’s and advice on matching your Wedding theme and color scheme to different items. You’ll get some great product shots with the ability to purchase right from the blog.

It’s my hope to fulfill your expectations with all this great content and get a lot of interaction and engagement. Leave comments, share your ideas, give advice and most importantly……have fun with it all.

Lovely Wedding Stuff

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