The Journey Begins….

So….my first blog for my new wedding based business. Wow! It might be keen to also mention that this is my first blog…EVER!!! So please be patient with me as I learn the ropes, the lingo and the etiquette.

To be honest, if someone told me 5 years ago that I would be looking to start my own business based on the wedding industry, in another country (more on that in a bit),  writing a blog for said business, and all the other things that go along with it, I would have told them that they were stark raving mad. I mean I’m a techie person who had big time well-paying job in IT.

But here I am.

The creation of Lovely Wedding Stuff is a tale of Love & Romance, Adventure and Survival. It begins as most love stories of this day and age do…on the internet. I met an amazing person on Facebook. We clicked immediately and of course were separated by the Atlantic Ocean. I was in America and they were in the UK. But after many, many hours of video chatting and each of us making a trip across “The Pond”, the question was popped….a YES was given and things began to change forever.

Due to certain factors…one of which was my new step-daughter, I agreed to move to the UK. I figured with my tech background I would be able to easily get another IT job and not have to uproot a child from her home and country. I couldn’t have been more wrong….uh oh!! The jobs that seemed to be available before I moved were nowhere to be found after I moved. That’s always the way, right?!?! In the meantime, my spouse had gone back to University for a business degree with the idea of starting a business.  I became the stay at home step-parent. Talk about uncharted territory. The biggest thing I had to adjust to was the “school run”.  Everyone dropping what they’re doing to have to pick their children up from school is not something that’s normally done in America. To me, the school run was a thing of chaos. I eventually learned to enjoy it. I get some good exercise walking up a giant hill, I listen to music along the way and bring a book to read while I wait for her to get out of class.  It’s my own little time of peace in the middle of all that chaos.

To make a long story short….Without being able to find a decent full-time job, I started getting bored being home that much and thanks to the horrible exchange rate, my stockpile of American currency was running low.  I started panicking. It wasn’t pretty. Until one night a dear friend of mine who also has her own business suggested an idea. She sent me some links to some wholesalers and other suppliers and said, “Hey, why not start your own business selling Wedding supplies like favour boxes and stuff?”  At first I wasn’t very receptive but she kept talking and by the end of her “sales pitch”, I was quite intrigued. I grabbed a domain name, starting setting up some social media accounts, looked into getting products and supplies and hit the ground stumbling all over myself like a toddler trying to walk for the first time.

As with any new venture, there’s a lot of time spent learning through trial and error. But as I said…here I am, giving it a go. My blog will be used as more than just a sales vehicle. I want to connect with an audience, not just buyers so my blog will be used to share all sorts of things Wedding related like dresses, destination weddings, honeymoons, trends and more as well as some personal stuff here and there and of course some Lovely Wedding Stuff to BUY!!!!!

I look forward to hearing from you.  Drop by, say Hi! and let me know what you think.

Lovely Wedding Stuff

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